Hon. Democrat 💘


By Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat)

I entered the venue somewhat late, but I think the reasons for my lateness are more of personal interest than those of official ones. That’s my cup of tea, anyway (smiles). 

The great people of Osun were at Oshogbo yesterday to watch their governorship candidates in an intellectually combative argument. While many eyes that probably could not make it to Oshogbo, for one reason or the other, were glued to the TV screen. 
This amongst other reasons decipher how much interested our people are to understand the intellectual capacity of who would govern them for another good four years. 
Sen. Ademola Adeleke’s absence is gaining momentum, and this has necessitated some doubts and contemplations within the citizenry. 
Why he has not been attending a few debates he has been invited to has pricked curiosity of many, and an average Osunian, probably by conspiracy or fact would want to blame supposedly low self-esteem, insufficient confidence and inferiority complex for his usual /perpetual absence. 
He could have performed better than the remaining candidates, and earned a more interesting playground to convince many more people with his intellectual property (if he possesses) as he has just few simple questions to answer, apart from issues surrounding his WAEC certificate which was chiefly reported to have not been outstandingly /averagely made. 
He has had just very few questions to answer compared to other candidates who have served in many capacities, which could of course necessitate cumbersome questions as regards how they have managed resources when they were serving in those capacities. 
Alhaji Akinade Akinbade, in my singular opinion came more into limelight in Osun political dispensation when he served as the State Secretary under former governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola. 
He could have been a better secretary than Alhaji Moshood Adeoti because he earned enough and sufficient freedom to exercise some duties and responsibilities from his boss, and this eventually credited his pedigree and antecedents. 
He could deserve some accolades for making himself available for debates, and feeding the great people of Osun the reasons why he should be considered the governor. He sounded much more moderate, realistic and passionate about what he has to offer Osunians. 
And in my opinion I could sense right from where I was seated in him careful sober reflection. He may be strategically apologetic enough to have the great people of Osun convinced that he could deliver more than his counterparts. 
Alhaji Moshood Adeoti the former State Secretary of Governor Rauf Aregbesola also deserves some accolades for making himself available for the debate. 
He articulated his points systemically, and drove his points to people’s understanding. He xrayed reasons he should be considered the best amongst the rest. 
But the great people of Osun could be expecting more from a candidate who was part of the present administration, to at least say something good about the administration (something or some things good that had disabled him from tendering a resignation letter before political gaming surfaces). 
He may have decided not to condemn in totality, or glorify beyond ordinariness, the administration under which he just concluded his service as a secretary on political or normal ground. Nevertheless he has performed well too by unveiling his manifesto unmindful of whose ox is gored. 
Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola really deserves some accolades. He vicariously put on two personalities in the debates. The personality of himself contesting for the governorship position, and mutatis mutandis, the personality of the incumbent government. 
The debate could be more challenging to him more than any other person. Despite many allegations levelled in the direction of the incumbent government as regards working conditions of workers, welfare of students etc, he was still able to, in a painstaking manner drove his points home. 
As no man would ever have an error free governance, questions relating to such errors were diligently analysed. He never compromise his active involvement and participation in the present administration and shed more than enough light to uncleared issues. 
Sen. Iyiola Omisore deserves some accolades too just as his fellow aspirants. He has performed outstandingly well by expressly analysing his points in a manner that shows he has understood comprehensively the pros and cons, weakness and strength of the present administration and how to come up with a far better governance. 
Although it got to a stage he commenced to sound somewhat aggressive particularly in the direction of Oyetola. This should not be taken too personal and it was one of the scenarios that makes the event more interesting and truly looks more like a debate. 
If debates actually determine who will excel more on the conventional battlefield, then, he (Omisore) should have by now put minds at rest. 
He proved he has sound knowledge of the state’s governance and he showed us he has. He displayed his experience and erudition through a well articulated speech that makes many wonder if the speaker was truly him or not. 
Oyetola too would have been ranked more than this, if he was not at the defensive side. He has invariably found himself contesting under the platform of the incumbent government. He so have no choice than going further to defending both the defensible and indefensible policies of the incumbent government. 
In developed and industrious nations of the world, the educated population hold debates of this nature in high esteem and regards. We can learn to give it too its required attention, so that at least, some other years we would be glad we have produced a country where people would be becoming our leaders based on what they have to offer the people, and not on the influence of monetary compensation, godfatherism, sympathy, caucus conspiracy and the likes. 
Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 




By Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 

Democrat and Barbie Tee

Fellow compatriots! 

It is indeed pitiable to note that many girls are ignorant of this day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate them, not only at the local level but also at the international one. 

We were told the girl child has been relegated abysmally to the background by her male counterpart, but I must beg to presuppose she was relegated honorably by the nature. 

We were also told she has been exposed to wanton discrimination and inequalities. Yet we never sense her readiness to quit this gender bondage. 

Haven’t they polluted their facebook and whatsap statuses with pleasant throw back pictures this Thursday? 

I have hardly seen one summoning the courage to upload her picture, to celebrate herself even if the whole world claims ignorant about the indispensable undertakings of her gender. 

My opinion, quite philosophical, tells me the girl child may not have at her disposal the total freedom or liberty she so desires. If she does, such freedom would definitely lack corresponding value with that of a male child. 

Why can’t we set aside the issue of equality or what have you? Why can’t we be more concerned about what the girl child gets access to, in term of sound and quality education, medical services, protection from violence, unfree child marriage, unconsented sex and bla bla bla. 

We must stop been paper tigers, employ rational if not empirical thinking into this matter. Then we discover that if all male children are not yet equals amongst themselves, tell me how a female child would be ranked correspondingly similar to her male counterpart. 

Tell me when Nigerians would set aside gender sentiments, and crown a woman their Governor if not their President. 

If we shall be truthful to either ourselves or one another, we will discover the need to stop nursing hopeless hope, thinking a female child would stand tall, eyeballs to eyeballs with her male counterpart and claim some high sociopolitical privileges somewhere somedays. 

While we acknowledge this naked fact, let’s know that, to a reasonable extent our female children deserve better education – which invariably, significantly will assist both sexes. 

They need be protected from been kidnapped, sold on slave transactions, maltreated or sexually abused. 

In as much some of we male children acknowledge the indispensable undertakings of female children’s existence, female children need deep humility, generosity and human feelings to construct a meaningful abode within themselves and to a reasonable extent, gain control over we men, if not directly then indirectly. 

Rasak Jamiu Ayanlakin (Democrat


Democrat 💘

​The day a man volunteers to give you a helping hand, financial wise, think about it. 

These days, when a group go seeking financial support somewhere, they go with women having some strange impressions in minds.  Banks want to approach customers with nice/smiling pockets, women become essential business machinery. 

Women are the salt of the world, and should be treated as such. 

We need be gender sensitive/ conscious everywhere we go, as highly male dominated gathering looks more rugged, rowdy and uncomposed than necessary. 

Why people think women should not be assisted without expecting any diminishing return has always pricked my curiosity. And I have thought one of the best means to bring this untoward phenomenon to a maximum declination, if not disappearance is to write it. 

When a woman approaches you for assistance, you have the following options. One, do the favor if you have the capacity without expecting anything in  return. 

Two, in absence of such capacity, let her know her stand, don’t compound her problem. Reports have it that many men have taken advantage of  these critical situations, and still don’t grant any assistance. 

Three, assist her if you can, and at the same time communicate her your feelings and emotions invariably if you have any. But don’t create the impression that you are simultaneously lending helping hands capitalising on her financial weakness / deficiency at that material time. And should she says decline your emotional offer, your decision to assist her will not be compromised no matter what. 

Let’s also take note, invariably some women too tend to play on men’s intelligence. They prove too smarter than necessary. I think the word “maga” originated from philosophy surrounding this supposedly smartness. And this consequently earn many of them unpleasant backlashes. 

Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 


I have been in ABEOKUTA for quite a week. I’ve been excited my host friend resides at the state capital. With my little connection with Oshogbo, I have become enough conversant with the usual handsomeness of a state capital.

On the Panseke Bridge, ABEOKUTA 😍
Panseke Bridge, ABEOKUTA, Ogun State

Experience, they say, is the best teacher cannot be underestimated here. What has made ABEOKUTA very pleasant for my liking is not yet decipherable. The league of well behaved, articulate and intellectual friends I have met here could make one overexcited enough to flex muscles before a soldier, at one’s risk anyway. 😂 

Comrade Oguns has been a wonderful man God has really created so specially 😘. At this material time, I have not volunteered to be here on courtesy visit, I have been compelled by nature to be here at the social and financial understanding and undertakings of this so called gentle and compassionate boy, Oguns. 🙌

The rationale behind this write-up is three legged, one to tell people who have underrated my ambition of getting to ABEOKUTA in life that I have finally made it.💪 

Hon. Democrat and Comrade Oguns
Hon Democrat and Comrade Oguns at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, ABEOKUTA

Consistently, insistently, and persistently I will continue to doxologise the irumoles who have generously made traveling at reverse gear a bright abomination for their naughty, but friendly boy, Democrat. 😛

Two, to tell people who have always thought I would not reject anything of value coming from a Nigerian politician that I have in good fate and honor rejected the latest car dashed to me by Ibikunle Amosun (smiles). While the said beautiful car was dashed to me tentatively pending my significant stay in ABEOKUTA, I have decided to make my legs my tyres, at least I will trek all the beautiful places of the state capital and get noticed by all the fine fine girls that dominate the state capital. 💃 

Breakfast with Comrade Oguns in his hostel

Three, to tell people who have underestimated my capacity of mounting one of the beautiful bridges in West Africa, Panseke Bridge, had some beautiful shots with my beautiful comrades, and this wonderful tour was married by a nice convergence at a jungle of iya elemu oguro. 🍻 

I think the philosophy behind this write-up will intensify with time as I would be having personal encounter with the gods of Olumo Rock today. My family, friends and allies, assist me with prayer. As I mount the wonderful and popular rock in some hours time, may I descend so safely with at least a beautiful girl, so that the nice memory of what would be Olumo 2018 would continue to linger in my memory. 🗻 

Hon Democrat and Comrade Oguns in class at MAPOLY

My departmental President had requested that I come home and deliver some tutorials for students on Monday. Niggas we have been rolling together here has seen my one week stay as just one minute stay, hence has been raining bright curse on my innocent and humanitarian president. May the humanitarian intents of my President turn all these protesting curses to progressive prayers. 

To all of you people reading this nonsense, I thank you for your wonderful time. I am aware none of you would ignore my write-up, or stop consuming until you read to a wonderful end. Let’s give glory to God. Should human being had power over this useless writing dexterity and intellectual position, he would have bribed my village people substantially to deport me from Nigeria to the US. Meanwhile I would have appreciated such magnanimous wickedness. 😂 

Hon Democrat and Sola around Edwin Bar

While I am about to conclude this nonsense, I on behalf of myself, my family and fans say big thank you to all who make ABEOKUTA 2018 a reality. Those who have been using charms to drag me back to Osun State on account of missing me are exclusive (tongue out). I know you are proud of me that I have eventually made it in life. 😂 

Henceforth I won’t stay far away from this beautiful state capital. Aside Oguns, Comrades Yogi, D1, and others deserve some accolades. 

Sincerely Abeokuta is a bae. 😍 Recall that I have not mounted the wonderful and gigantic Olumo Rock today and I have not attended a popular bar (name withheld for security reasons) tomorrow. 

I will still write many more nonsenses.  Ire oooo. 😂 😂 😂 😘 😘 😘


While I was gravitating towards my home this morning. The bike man that took me had to fill his tank at a filling station. There, a man was expressing his ghoulish pain about the state of the economy. 

Where parochialism set in was when he started having fallacious dreams. He wished an unknown person come and drop ten million naira in front of his house one morning and abscond. He would do this, and he would do that. 

This remind me of a manifesto I witnessed when I was at the prestigious Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere a few days ago. 

A few aspirants were asked if they would step down if someone order them to do so on account of being given reasonable millions of naira. Some of the aspirants kissed yes they would step down, while just a person said no. 

Nigerians are professionals when it comes to budgeting inexisting or anticipating funds. In fact our salary earners have become gurus. Before the month runs out, the entire salaries have evaporated like flame of fire. 

Candidly, any map one draws before one becomes wealthy at all is as useless as the “p” in the word “psychology”. 

Many have said they would support, fund and manage fundable projects in the interest of the common people when the richness surfaces, but later ended up becoming maestro at night club spending uncontrollably on things that are practically contrary to what they actually dreamt of. 

A wise man said and I quote, all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power (end of quote). Here, economic power is much more emphasised. 

Talk less before the wealth comes. This is not to mean those who plan adequately ahead of  wealth are crazy species.

But I think I don’t really romance this folly – aiming higher than what one has contributed to wealth creation. That could be the genenis of greediness and the so called corruption, the cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of development of our nation. 

Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 


By Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 

1. A day without teacher is a day without life. A life without teacher is nothing but a life without meaning/purpose. 

Every October 5, some of us have to mount closest podiums to make the unpleasant state of our teachers pleasant to the world. 

We attend conferences and fora that seem interesting, discuss teachers, their working conditions and outputs, but it seems all the dreams we share and extend at our discussion points continue to remain stagnant as mere dreams; hence we continue to witness dilapidated teaching structures/ paraphernalia, especially in the black continent called Africa. 

Rasak Ayanlakin Democrat

2. You enjoy sound education only when you have access to qualified teachers. 

We may, as well be assumed to be a reflection of the teachings of our teachers. Bad teachings have reduced many of us to the lowest absurdity, and inability of many to exhibit the culture of good teachings they have received over time poses dangerous threat on peaceful existence /coexistence of mankind. 

Many are blessed with good teachers, but choose notoriety and nuisance as closest companions ; hence cause offences and set hatesome legacies wherever they go. 

3. Our teachers are demotivated, they can no more put in their best. They work like a donkey, but eat like an ant. 

You see an average politician who does nothing special than signing documents every morning drives luxurious cars, stays in houses with high wired fences, and move around with huge chested body guards. 

Teachers who invest efforts in building better children, better society, better future are given peanuts as salaries. 

4. When a doctor makes a mistake, lives would be lost. When a lawyer makes a mistake, an innocent person may be jailed. When a teacher makes his own mistake, a thousand of generations would be misled and murdered for, probably, the rest of their lives, which is something much more comparable to a lifetime intellectual disaster. 

Imagine if my primary school teacher had misled me to believe one plus one was three, and this cruelty was also corroborated by my secondary school teacher, what magic do you think anyone would ever perform to bring me back to my right senses? 

5. Our teachers deserve better, huge and worthy pays. They deserve beautiful and well ventilated working environment. They deserve nice and friendly working conditions. They deserve romantic housing, car and wardrobe allowances just like a sleeping Senator in the Red Chamber at Abuja. They deserve wonderful living standards, before and after retirement. 

6. While the teachers too should be encouraged to always see reasons to widen their scopes of understanding and knowledge about what they teach in class. You can’t give what you don’t have. 

Knowledge is fast growing everyday. And as knowledge expands with time, teachers too have to grow themselves alongside the world of knowledge, both classical and modern. 

7. Today is a day we need to say beautiful words to our teachers’ hearing, make them feel like the best, and the messiahs that can bring our darkened society and future to limelight. 

Celebrate a teacher today, and celebrate a better world. Teachers, teach us virtues, not vices; teach us tranquility and not rascality; teach us peace and not war; teach us unity and not division; teach us politeness and not rudeness; frugality and not profligacy. 

Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 


By Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) 

The Demolition of Ayefele’s Radio Station By Oyo State Government

Before anything, let me condemn the said demolition, the demolition of the Music House by Oyo State Government. 

Everybody is a political animal (as posited by the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle). And for every political action, there would be a reaction. 

What prompted the demolition of Ayefele’s radio station may be political. That’s the reason why many Nigerians would treat it holistically in political manners. 

No government would be pleased seeing you criticising her policies before the people (whether you are right or wrong). Such government would take some steps towards silencing you as soon as practicable. It’s no new to me how our so called modern democrats tend to silence potential critics. 

In as much such draconian approach is popularly subscribed to by our supposedly modern democrats, there’s need for us all to condemn it for being nothing but crude barbarity and substantial wickedness. 

The state government did not play the wisdom of burying her ego for the sake of the coming election. Without relating this to politics, wrong is wrong, even if everyone does it. Without attaching this to the next election of the state, right is right, even if noone does that. 

Ayefele should see this as one of the sacrifices for saying the unsayable in Nigerian political domain. The state government, and our political leaders should learn how to accommodate criticisms and give the press/media the freedom to express itself under the ambit of the law. 

Rasak Ayanlakin (Democrat) is a social commentator and Editor at Democrat Times (DT)  ✌


By Rasak Ayanlakin Democrat

Mr. Shittu Bashir

National President,

Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State

Alumni Association

May 16, 2018

Dear President,

Good and fabulous morning to you Mr. President. It’s with great excitement and happiness that I pen you this open message.

The reason why I have picked my golden pen to letter you openly will prick curiosity of many people. You yourself would be curious to understand the philosophy behind this openness. Why not a closed letter silently dropped inside your electronic mail inbox?

My answers to these questions are as simple as A, B, C. If you can make an open declaration of intention of becoming the President, make campaign promises openly, voted in, declared winner and inaugurated in an open floor, I see no reason why you should not be lettered openly.

Your Excellency, Mr. President I have observed with so much keen interest, your leadership style, I cannot fathom the reason why we should not be referring to you yourself as simple definition of good governance, selfless service and symbol of unprecedented intellectual dispositions.

Mr. President, my support cannot be bought. That is one of my idiosyncratic attitudes I would not compromise no matter what. No amount of money is substantial enough to make me romance an unpopular and unproductive leadership style.

I must state it very clearly that this letter is willingly produced (without any influence) to pass my vote of confidence on you and your leadership style.

Maybe if I do this, you will be more gingered to do more and more for the polytechnic community that produce you an influential and honorable personality that you are today.

You were elected to coordinate the affairs of our graduates. But your intelligence has told you to extend the tentacle of your magnanimity and kindness to students on campus too.

Your Excellency you provided ceiling fans in classes where they were not available. The fresh air students received has now been complemented.

Students can glance at the ceiling fan while reading and say God bless our Alumni President, just like the way an American man would say God bless America whenever and wherever (s)he wakes up.

The news about the three acres of land you acquired at the school permanent site for the construction of Alumni Secretariat has spread like kerosene fire.

In fact what is good news to us in particular is that students of Architectural Technology Department were engaged in rewarding competition to design globally acceptable architectural plans for the Secretariat.

The Entrepreneurial Seminar and Career Talk you organised months ago is still fresh in our memories.

We now understand that available white-collar jobs cannot go round all qualified citizens, there are needs for us to become independent entrepreneurs before or after we may have left school.

The donation of Snooker and Table Tennis boards is another thing that has boost the relaxation activities of students.

Students now find it difficult to differentiate themselves from graduates whom you were elected to lead.

If alumni association can be this kind and magnanimous to students, then students are invariably well prepared to graduate from school, join the league of alumni and as well contribute meaningfully to the development of the prestigious institution that produce them.

This amongst other reasons justify the point that your leadership style, charisma and administrative exposure are worthy of emulation.

Mr. President, before I drop my golden pen, I will love to leave you with the words of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, both former Presidents of America.

Abraham Lincoln said and I quote, “everything you are, be a good one “. Mr. President, you are a good one. Keep the ball rolling.

While John F. Kennedy said and I also quote, “think not of what America can do for you, rather think of what you can do for America “.

Mr. President, you have indeed passed sleepless nights thinking about what you can do for us and you have done them quite successfully. Please keep the flag flying.

Human beings are Oliver Twist, we always want more and more. Do not relent in extending your kindness and collegiality to the students Sir.

May God Almighty bless you abundantly.

Yours sincerely

*Rasak Ayanlakin Democrat*
One Small Boy Like That



Leader Abosede Oluwaseun SAFETY

Dear Mentor,

Few Hours to Your Birthday – I Wish You Happy Birthday.

According to Professor Okunnuga, “it had better you describe an elephant – rather than attempting to define”. My mind tells me to define you – but for influential men and women who had deduced efficacy from the word of the Prof – it would be a patronizing rudeness. You are one of the elephants a writer must not relegate to mere definitions but profound description.

Mentor SAFETY and wife

As I am also thinking of describing you, my distinguished mentor, my conscience is informing me I will experience significant regret because you are a creature who is beyond description. It would take me a century (100 years) if not a millennium (1, 000 years) to describe you.

My mentor, I would take the best decision of marrying you if you were a woman – or perhaps if I was a woman – I would not mind what people would label me – my raison d’être for choosing to marry you would be understood by only those who can look forward to understand you are the best man a woman would give his heart to.
You are a man of honor – a public figure who does never look down on people.

Mentor Safety

Mentor, do you remember that a politician from Benin Republic once admitted that Nigeria is a big brother, he has all the resources to grow the living standards of his people – but he is a prodigal son.
Another President from within the Black continent corroborated the fact that Nigeria is the giant of Africa – when Nigeria sneezes, the whole of Africa catches cold.

What had relegated us to poor welfare conditions, moribund health care services, epileptic power supplies and insecurity of lives and properties? Who bamboozled Nigeria? And who bastardized our economy? Our economy is at the brink of collapse.

Whatever a human does today becomes his antecedents tomorrow – his dirty or golden antecedents.

Years back, though people like us were too young to capture the scenarios, but history did us the favor of revealing how well you struggled for the emancipation and liberations of Nigerian students as the Chairman, National Association of Nigerian Students (Osun State) – the largest student body in the state. History informed us your resistance of intimidation and victimizations on campuses – and today you are fortunate enough to be a mentor of many promising men and future leaders.

We need people like you to transform our dear nation. We need people like you to provide the clamoring change. We need people like you to give the internally displaced Nigerians terrorized by Boko Haram endless peace. We need people like you for the actualization of “One Nigeria Project”.

Our youth must be gainfully employed and empowered to contribute meaningfully to the development of their immediate environment and Nigeria at large – my distinguished mentor – we need people like you.

I am not praising you to gain your love – you love me already. I am not writing this to gain your supports – you support me in all my endeavors already. I am not penning you to gain the openness of your door – I see and communicate you at any desired moment – and I am waiting for the day you would give me an appointment when I knock your door (it has never happened).

My mentor, I am glad to inform the entire world today that a man of uncommon intellect is celebrated – we must jubilate because a man of impactful erudition is plus one. Nigeria needs a true democrat – a true statesman with sense of unity and purposeful solidarity.

Leader Safety

If all men were to be like you – little would have been our problems. If all men were to be like you – little would have been our cries. If all men were to be like you – little would have been betrayals, pomposity and pride.
I am not writing you – my spirit is doing. And whoever pleases my spirit – pleases me.
Distinguished mentor, some hours to your birthday, I wish you happy birthday sir. Thanks sir.

Rasak Ayanlakin
A social media commentator


By Rasak Ayanlakin (DEMOCRAT)

The National Assembly

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly” – Dr. Martin Luther King

Till now, I wonder how we have managed to come up with legislators presently representing us in the national assembly. I start to contemplate whether we had truly spent frustrating hours queuing under the hot sun to cast our votes for them or some unseen creatures had impersonated us to vote them.

Growing number of commentators and other conscious citizens had accused the national assembly of fantastic and unabated corruption – the national assembly and some ignorant citizens had one time or the other in response, vomited foul substances from their mouths accusing their popular critics of saying some random bullshits.

Our legislators had searched their intellectual reservoirs and what they could come up with was to reduce funds for some key projects of the three-in-one ministry headed by Babatunde Fashola and allocated the money to some frivolous ones. To them, it is a smart idea to divert our funds to projects that are not bankable enough to guarantee our good living standards and welfare.

The Honorable Minister of Power, Works and Housing; Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN)

According to the honourable Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), “As long as budgets planned to deliver life changing infrastructure are cut into small pieces, Nigeria will continue to have small projects that are not life changing, and big projects that have not been completed in 17 years . If a project would cost N15 billion and the contractor gets only a fraction of that, then things won’t move. Success should be defined by how many projects an administration is able to complete or set on the path of irreversible completion and not how many poorly funded contracts are awarded,” (end of quote).

The Minister had lamented the budget of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway was reduced by the National Assembly from N31 billion to N10 billion. The budget of the 2nd Niger Bridge was reduced from N15 billion to N10 billion.

Conscious citizens, social media commentators, students’ communities, traders and activists including the prominent activist lawyer Femi Falana had as well questioned the crudest unconstitutionalities surrounding the alterations of the budgets coordinated the by National Assembly purposely to increase their share of the budgets.

Nigerians must do themselves the favor of remaining irrevocably committed to the cause of good, accountable and transparent governance. They must start to think about making a very wise choice of who will represent their interests in the national assembly – and not people that would continue to gain solace in padding and manipulating the budgets in their personal interests.

Our people had experienced decades of legislative misrule and misguidance – lacunas had refused to quit our laws – bench-warmers had not ceased dominating the hallowed chambers – whilst the national assembly had been reduced to the crudest absurdity and drama of shames and confusion gains unspeakable momentum.

Consequently we must avoid choosing legislators whose intentions are to accumulate power for self promotion, self aggrandizement, pocket doctoration and financial lobotomization.

In the Nigerian context, when you see somebody aspiring to become a legislator – usually what he is saying is “give me power – let me use the same power to inflate my pocket, and crush under my feet speakers of truths and silence preachers of facts”.

The present National Assembly had been subjected to a serious examination and assessment – and as a social media commentator, I have found myself in a situation that requires critical conclusions. It is my respectful submission that we must rise above unproductive legislations, cum theatre of shames and provocations.

Common sense tells us this present National Assembly has nothing to offer the good people of Nigeria – the crying masses and the hungry populace. Our electricity in its contemporariness still remains epileptic – National Assembly reduces budgets. Our major roads, high ways and bridges had become graveyards – they reduce budgets. Our houses are dilapidated and sub-standards – they reduce budgets.

National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

This is the major reason why our ministers have no other projects to present to the National Assembly than what their predecessors had once presented which the National Assembly has in its own interests underfunded – and now they have become abandoned projects and as well inherited problems for the new ministers. If ugly scenario of this kind is not curbed at its growing stage – then the cruel recycling of the scenario will become inevitable.

It has become our traditions and customs to point blaming fingers at our successive ministers for the epileptic power supply, poor and inadequate housing and the graveyards supposedly provided as roads by our governments – when in the actual sense the national assembly remains the most active dramatis personae in this drama of profligacy and prodigality.

We must remain irrevocably committed to the cause of good governance, transparency, financial prudence and judicious spending of our commonwealth.

People have succumbed to profligacy and political decay because the National Assembly in its acclaimed smartness had developed tactics of intimidation that would silence potential critics.

To live in Nigeria is like living in darkness, weakening hunger and abject poverty. A major reason that has been responsible for her socio-economic stagnation and retardation is the phenomenon of corruption. This phenomenon has bastardized our economy and destroyed our cherished national values.

This is what the eventual outcome becomes when you choose chronic looters as legislators to probe widespread corruption. Corruption must be sent on exile before it does that to us. Corruption must be assassinated before it assassinates us. Corruption must be shut down before it shuts down our country.

Conclusively, it is now of paramount importance that all Nigerians be sensitized without any modicum of sentiments and biases. Nigerians must be told and be aware that the action of the National Assembly to have altered the budget to their own political taste is one of the gravest consequences of unrivalled and unparalleled corruption that characterized the legislative processes and responsibilities in their entireties.

Rasak Ayanlakin (DEMOCRAT) is a social media commentator, a Nigerian student advocate of good governance and justice.